Interview with Alumni Leaders

This week, we share a virtual interview with 4 Challah for Hunger alumni. Where are they now? What have they taken away from their Challah experience? How do they stay involved? 

Who’s in “the room” and what’s your connection to CfH?

Liz Smulian: I helped establish the Emory University chapter, and was president/co-president throughout my time in college. I am currently on the CfH Board of Directors as Fundraising Chair and will be the incoming Board Chair in August 2015.

Kate Belza: Founder and President, Challah for Hunger at the University of Virginia (UVa), Chapter Advisor for Elon, GW & FIU (2013-2014)

Jeff Marks: Chapter Advisor for [email protected] & [email protected], Member of the Board of Directors Fundraising Committee; [email protected], Former Chapter Co-Coordinator & Sales Team Member (2009 – 2014 during undergraduate and graduate school)

Rachel Hamburg:  Pomona College chapter founder, Chapter Advisor, member of alumni giving circle

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