Have you met Loren?

Loren joined the challah team with two years of social justice experience under her belt (She was a Repair the World Fellow in Philadelphia).  Loren is bringing her knowledge of food justice and hunger issues to her new gig:

I was surprised to learn about the how misleading the marketing around food can be. For instance, it was upsetting to learn the realistic definitions of cage free chickens and free range chickens. I always thought the term “cage free” sounded like a very humane way to raise chickens for eggs. I recently learned that eggs can be labeled “cage free” but come from farms where hundreds of chickens are crowded into a barn, and still the name is considered fitting and legal for this situation.

Click here to read Loren’s interview on the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Blog. 

Loren (pictured here, middle) also loves Cleveland. Email her for recommendations.