Student Perspectives: The Campus Hunger Project

As Challah for Hunger chapter leaders conduct interviews with campus administrators, we are inviting student leaders to share their advocacy experience. Sophomores Gerry and Yvonne are student leaders at the CfH chapter at Washington University of St. Louis, and share their interview experience below. 

Our  interview with an assistant dean in the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs was really enlightening. She shared with us the resources that are available to WashU students who live off-campus and are struggling to access to food. These resources include an emergency fund that students can apply for and a nearby community food pantry. While it was comforting to learn that our school has a protocol in place to help students, we were surprised that knowledge of these resources among the student body is quite low. This inspired our Challah for Hunger chapter to spread awareness of these resources to better support our peers in the WashU community. 

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