Challah for Hunger welcomes 6 new board members

Join us in welcoming our newest board members, a diverse and talented group of individuals: Maya, our student representative from Miami, Sophie, a dedicated alumna from UNC Chapel Hill, Eileen, a volunteer who has helped us grow our Social Change Bakery and Giving Circle programs, Wendy, a parent of current superstar Jenna at Oxy and nutrition advocate, Claudine, a PR & Communications expert and Ariel, who bring hers experience with strategic planning. 

We also share our gratitude to several board members who are finishing their board terms: Kate Forester, Jeff Marks, Caryn Roth and our student representative, Jordan Friedland. Thank you for helping us #bakeadifference with your energy, leadership and passion for our work. 

Visit our Board of Directors Page to view our full board for 2017-2018.