Campus Hunger Project Update: Student Advocacy Since November

Our student leaders have been hard at work mobilizing their peers, administrators, and elected officials to address campus food insecurity. Students even got local press in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

We’re excited to share the progress students have made on 3 campuses and look forward to updating you on the Campus Hunger Project throughout the year.

Rachel, University of Southern California

Rachel met with a representative from Senator George Mitchell of California’s office to discuss her project. She is collaborating with other student leaders and faculty to promote USC’s Virtual Food Pantry. Virtual Food Pantry provides students in need with ‘grab-and-go’ food items and toiletry supplies. She is working on better promoting the Virtual Food Pantry and other resources through class syllabi.

Diego & Lauren, University of Wisconsin

Diego and Lauren met with the Food Policy Coordinator for the city of Madison to discuss their project. They are collaborating with the campus pantry to train Student Government representatives. After participating in the training, Student Government representatives will be better equipped to help students experiencing food insecurity.

Gadi, Temple University

Gadi met a representative of Senator Sharif Street of Pennsylvania’s office to discuss his project. Gadi launched a fundraising campaign that has raised nearly $6,000 for Temple University’s new campus food pantry. He is also organizing a public event in partnership with the Student Government to celebrate the launch of the pantry.

Our Philadelphia community members are invited to attend this event on February 19th, at 7:00 PM. Please reach out to CEO, Carly Zimmerman, at [email protected] for event details and to RSVP.