For Jessica, the Social Change Bakery is a Family Event

Guest post by Jessica Izes, Temple University student, Social Change Bakery volunteer, and Challah for Hunger intern.

During my sophomore year at Temple University, I began participating in challah bakes with Temple’s chapter of Challah for Hunger. My interest in the organization grew when I discovered that my synagogues, Congregation Adath Jeshurun, and the neighboring Beth Sholom Congregation were participating in the Social Change Bakery Network. The Social Change Bakery Network expands Challah for Hunger’s core program beyond the college campus to engage new audiences, which include teens, adults with different abilities, and families with young children in Philadelphia. I told my mom about Challah for Hunger’s Social Change Bakery and we met with the CEO, Carly, to find out more about them.

Since our meetings with Carly and learning more about Challah for Hunger and its mission, the Social Change Bakery has become a family event. My younger sister enjoys making the dough and braiding challah with her friends, my mom helps monitor loaves in the oven and my dad has tried his hand at braiding too. The Social Change Bakery holds a special place in my heart as it allows my family to experience the beauty of Challah for Hunger.

In addition to volunteering at Temple’s chapter and the Social Change Bakeries, I am also an intern at Challah for Hunger. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn how the organization is run, assist with fundraising efforts and work with staff on special projects.

I am so grateful that this organization has entered my life. I have made so many memories making dough, braiding, and baking challah at Temple and with friends and family at the Social Change Bakeries.


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  1. So special Jess that your big heart, passion for helping people, love of baking, family traditions/bonding, along with your deep religious ties, have enabled you to share with Challah for Hunger. You are being provided with incredible opportunities to learn and expand your social service expertise and with you as an intern for Challah for Hunger you bring commitment, warmth and so much sensitivity to such an incredible organization!! WoW

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