Our Soom Recipe Contest Winner!

This past month we partnered with Soom Foods, a  a certified women-owned, Philadelphia-based tahini company, for a friendly recipe competition open to current students and alums. The challenge: create a unique recipe incorporating both tahini and challah! We received an overwhelming number of amazing submissions, so we left the difficult decision of choosing the winner to our celebrity guest judge: Shannon Sarna, editor of The Nosher

Shannon ultimately chose Challah for Hunger at Cornell alum Sarah Barr Engel’s “Carrot Tahini Soup with Tahini Cream and Challah Za’atar Croutons” as the winner! Shannon said it was “the right balance of flavors, between warm veggie soup, a proper tahini sauce and the crunch of challah croutons on top.” We were awed by how creative and beautiful Sarah’s soup is.

If you want to whip up Sarah’s creation, you can get the complete recipe on Soom’s blog! We’ll continue to feature the amazing recipe submissions over the coming months so everyone has the chance to try some creative tahini-challah combinations.