Alumni Board & Committees

Alumni can continue to support Challah for Hunger’s growth by
serving on our National Board of Directors and its committees.  

We have 3 standing committees that accept new members year round. (Development, Finance and Governance) 

We also have temporary committees (like the 2017 Young Funders Committee) that are offered when projects arise.

Interested in joining a committee? Contact Carly at [email protected]

“Over the last two years, I have been able to cultivate and practice invaluable leadership skills with some of the most talented and motivated people I’ve encountered…I am proud to have served during a pivotal time for the organization, as we continue to grow and expand our campus chapter program and the Campus Hunger Project.”

Outgoing alumni board member Jeff reflects on his board experience. 
Read his full post here. 

Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger