Chapter Spotlight: Buffalo

1. When was CfH at Buffalo Founded and How?
Challah for Hunger at Buffalo was founded in fall 2013 as a way to fundraise money for a good cause.  Only one semester later it has evolved and become a popular way to introduce challah as not just a tasty snack but to also help other people in need.

2. How many people are involved with challah baking and selling?
Recently we have had a larger turn out as more people are hearing about our chapter.  Last time we baked and sold about 16 people came out to help out which has cut our original time for baking in half! With out our amazing volunteers our chapter would not be able to be successful.

3. What is the most popular challah flavor at Buffalo?
One time we sold Nutella flavored challahs; those were gone before noon.  Other than that Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Chip are pretty popular.

4. Where do you sell challah?
Three times a semester we reserve a table in our Student Union in hopes that more people will see us and purchase a challah or maybe even get more volunteers involved.

5. Where do you give your donations locally? And Why?
Our first semester of selling we decided to donate to an organization called Friends of the Night People ( Friends of the Night People is an organization that provides food, clothing, medical care and counseling for those who need help.  Their mission also includes a desire to heighten public understanding of homelessness and poverty issues; we thought that that connected well with what we do as Challah for hunger.  Another reason we chose this organization to donate to because of our past work with them.  Challah for Hunger worked with Buffalo Hillel earlier in the semester and went downtown to volunteer.  We thought that it would be a great idea to use this connection and donate the money we raised to help in a different way.

6. Describe your leadership team- who runs the show?
Right now we do not have a distinct leadership team.  Since we are just starting out I have organized many of the necessary details along with a few dedicated volunteers. Next year we hope to put in place a structured leadership team.

7. Do you partner with any other organizations? If yes, who and how?
We have been working closely with the Chabad of Buffalo since the beginning. Without the help from Rivka, the Rebbetzin, we could never have prepared and baked so smoothly from the beginning. Each time we bake, Rivka graciously offers us mixed challah dough as well as a place to braid and bake.  We are so thankful for the help that we have received.

8. What is your best advice for chapters that are just starting?
Start small, once you get a routine down and have an idea of what works and what doesn’t it gets easier to coordinate everything.  Also don’t be afraid to ask for advice, our advisor has given us many ideas that have ben very helpful.

What’s your favorite Challah-pun (Challahday, Challah Back, etc)?
“Dollas makes me Challah”

10. How can other chapters be in touch with you?
You can contact us by emailing [email protected] or find us on facebook by searching Challah for Hunger: Buffalo. We would love to hear from you!

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Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger