-Chapter Spotlight: Ithaca College

10 Questions with Hannah Goodman, Chapter President at CfH at Ithaca!

  1. When was CfH at Ithaca founded and how?  

IC Challah for Hunger was founded in the Fall semester of 2013.  Basically, Ilana Wolf was familiar with the program from her sister’s college and wanted to share all that Challah for Hunger has to offer with the Ithaca community. Ilana’s sister would bring delicious challah home from the Binghamton chapter and once she heard about it, she immediately knew that she wanted to bring it to Ithaca. It brought together two of her favorite things: baking and social justice! Soon after she asked Hannah to help her get things running and before we knew it we were selling challahs and starting to make a difference in our local community.

  1. How many people are involved with challah baking and selling?

We have about seven to ten students come to our bakes each week to braid the dough.  We have our regulars and then we frequently get new faces. When we started the chapter, it was difficult to find members to volunteer for sales, but now we have enough students volunteering to cover our shifts from10-1:30.

  1. What is the most popular challah flavor at Ithaca?

Probably cinnamon sugar.  Our customers get very excited about that one.

  1. Where do you sell challah?

We sell in our Campus Center lobby each Friday from 10am- 1:30pm.

  1. Where do you give your donations locally? And Why?

Our local donations go toward a food bank called Loaves and Fishes.  They do an incredible amount of work within the community.

  1. Describe your leadership team- who runs the show?

I think that we work fairly well as a team.  Everyone contributes and everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. Ilana and I keep everything up to pace.

  1. Do you partner with any other organizations? If yes, who and how?

We’re fortunate enough to have a lot of really active services organizations on this campus.  This past semester, we had a bake with members of another hunger advocacy and education group, Food for Thought.  Currently, we are planning to volunteer with another organization called SWIFT that takes the leftover food from one of our dining halls and brings it to the food bank.

  1. What is your best advice for chapters that are just starting?

Just don’t give up. Remember why you started in the first place. It’s ok if something doesn’t work out as planned. Just make adjustments and improve for the next time.

  1. What’s your favorite Challah-pun (Challahday, Challah Back, etc)?

Challah-ween, for sure. Also, this challah is chall-in your name!

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Rise with Challah for Hunger