Chapter Spotlight: Tufts University

1. When was CfH at Tufts founded and how?
CfH at Tufts was founded in 2011 by 4 Tufts students. They had heard of Challah for Hunger chapters at other universities and really wanted to start one here. On of the girls’ grandfather was also a baker, which is how we got our delicious recipe!

2. How many people are involved with challah baking and selling?
We usually have about 15 people who help us with our challah dough making and braiding process.

3. What is the most popular challah flavor at Tufts?
People usually love the cinnamon sugar, but our rotating special flavors—such as apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice—are always a close second.

4. Where do you sell challah?
We usually sell our challah in our Hillel center, where we make it. However, we’re looking to branch out and sell in different locations on campus to be more accessible to the students on campus.

5. Where do you give your donations locally? And Why
We have recently donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank, which we selected because it is a great organization which helps in our community. They also have a lot of specific programs to benefit students and children in need.

6. Describe your leadership team- who runs the show?
Our leadership team is made up of four people, who each have their own specific responsibilities—such as advocacy, operations, and publicity. Because of their incredible work, our chapter is able to run smoothly.

7. Do you partner with any other organizations? If yes, who and how?
We have always had a great relationship with other aspects of Hillel. For example, we are participating in a Social Action-themed Shabbat and dinner at the end of the month to spread awareness of the issues of hunger in our community.

8. What is your best advice for chapters that are just starting?
Start small, and just keep building up from there! We were lucky to find a good recipe and great group of volunteers to sustain us; once you have that, you’ll only grow from there!

9. What’s your favorite Challah-pun (Challahday, Challah Back, etc)?
Challah at Me!

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Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger