On the Campus

We engage college students on more than 80 campuses across the world in
weekly volunteer service, philanthropy, and advocacy.

How Our Chapters #BakeaDifference

Every week, thousands of students across the US, Canada, Australia, and England continue the centuries-old tradition of baking challah and practicing social justice (tikkun alam).

While the dough rises, students discuss local and global hunger issues and advocacy tactics. After baking, the students sell the challah to on campus.

50% of profits to national hunger efforts through MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger and 50% to local nonprofits fighting hunger in their community.

Raising awareness entails getting an issue on peoples’ minds and consciousnesses to evoke passion and care in regard to the targeted issue. Advocacy takes that desire into action in a detailed and thorough approach to tackling the issue at hand.”
Jordan is a member of the 2018 Campus Hunger Cohort, learn more about them here.

Make a donation to support the Campus Hunger Project today to help fund research, awareness and solutions that will feed hungry students.