2 ½ cups WARM water
1 tbsp instant active dry yeast
½ cup oil
¾ cups sugar
½ tbsp salt
6-8 cups all-purpose flour
(makes about 4, 1-lb. challahs)

Step 1: Add the oil, sugar, salt, and water together in a big bowl. Make sure it is completely combined.
Step 2: Add 3 cups of flour and mix thoroughly (it is okay if there are some lumps in the batter, just make sure all the flour is combined).
Step 3: Add the instant yeast with another cup of flour and combine with the batter already mixed. After that is done, add 2-3 more cups of flour.
Step 4: Knead the dough with your hands, it cannot be too sticky.
Step 5: Cover the dough in a little oil and a towel. Let the dough rest for at least an hour.
Step 6: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Adding Nutella:

Split dough into 2 equal sized “snakes” and flatten them out. Then take your Nutella from the jar and spread a generous amount down the middle of the “snake.” Pull the sides of the dough out and around the Nutella and pinch the top together. Go down the length of the “snake” until it is completely closed. Then twist the two “snakes” together and twist it in a circle.

Bake challahs for 15-20 mins.

Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger